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Rick Steves Travel Tips You Should Know Before Your Next Trip

By Shandley McMurray


Organizing and planning before you travel can help relieve tension later. Travel expert Rick Steves suggests reading guidebooks and getting your tickets before your trip.
In an article titled "Reserving Rooms as Your Travel," Steves advises "booking in advance for the first few nights, as finding a room when jet-lagged can be stressful."
Don't Check Bag
Sticking to carry-on luggage will save you money, time, and potential delays. "It's more important than ever to travel light," Steves explained to Travel + Leisure.
In an article on his website about packing light, Steves suggested spreading everything you want to bring on the floor, looking at the piles, and deciding what you
really need.
Stay Healthy
Nothing can derail a trip quicker than illness. Whether it's a cold, food poisoning, or something worse, staying on top of your health while traveling is essential.
Steves wrote that it's important to eat nutritiously, wash your hands often, practice safe sex, exercise, sleep for 7 to 8 hours each night, and pack any needed medications.
Live Local
To experience a more authentic vacation, Steves recommends traveling like a "temporary local." That means you should stay in quaint, family-run hotels and guesthouses.
Steves also suggested dining at restaurants outside the tourist zones when it comes time to eat. Go where the locals go, and you're in for a tasty, fresh, and affordable meal.
There's nothing wrong with tourist hot spots, but Steves says that at lesser-known destinations, you'll find fewer crowds and equally remarkable points of interest.
On his website, Steves suggested alternating big cities with smaller villages and countryside so you can sneak in a little quiet while soaking up the beauty in these Elysian spots.