Woman placing luggage in an overhead bin

Samantha Brown's Favorite (And Unexpected) Carry-On Essentials

By Jenna Busch


Travel pro Samantha Brown always has great packing advice, but she has a few tips for carry-ons that go above and beyond.
Brown suggests packing soft earplugs and melatonin to create a relaxed environment for sleeping in that uncomfortable seat. Check with your doctor before taking any supplements.
Throw in a scarf, which Brown calls the Swiss army knife of accessories. You can use it as a blanket, a barrier, a hand covering when opening doors, a pillow, or an eye mask.
To combat hunger, Brown always travels with peanut butter packets. She also recommends a spork for all your cutlery needs and a water bottle with a metal straw.
One surprising item Samantha Brown often packs in her carry-on is a teacup, as it's something she's comfortable with and makes her feel like herself when she drinks coffee in the morning.
Also bring a 6-foot charging cord for your electronics and dry detergent sheets — they're the perfect thing to throw in a carry-on for unexpected spills and stains.