Samantha Brown talking on microphone

Samantha Brown's Top Hotel Hack You Need To Try With Your Luggage

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


If you don't feel like crouching down and sorting through your luggage while in your hotel room, Samantha Brown recommends using the ironing board tucked away in the closet.
This method, approved by the travel guru, is more hygienic than using the luggage rack, which might harbor pests. You can also use the ironing board as an alternative desk.
This method is better than using your bed since your suitcase is likely dirty from your trip. The ironing board trick is also great since it has a height-adjustable design.
Samantha Brown explains in a viral TikTok, "[It's] really handy when you're sharing one room with your family and just running out of places to put things."
You can use it as a workspace. Brown often turns the ironing board into a desk, placing it somewhere in the room with "a lot of beautiful natural light and a really nice view."