Save Big On Your Next Cruise By Booking At This Time

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


Cruising can be quite affordable if you know when to book your trip. Thursdays yield the most deals, but it turns out that what matters more is how far in advance you book.
The earlier you book your cruise, the bigger your savings. Travel advisor Jeremy Hall told AFAR, "Cruise fares tend to rise as the time before departure draws closer."
"It's best to book a cruise six to 12 months out to ensure you get an optimum selection of [amenities]," said Jennifer DeLaCruz, a vice president at Carnival Cruise Lines.
You may also want to take advantage of wave season. Occurring annually from January through March, it serves as the cruise industry's prime time for securing the best promotions.
Another option is to book your cruise after the final payment deadline has passed, as it's usually the time
when cruise lines slash prices on
unpaid and canceled cabins.
Cruise lines like Holland America have a standby program that offers competitive rates as low as $49 per person, provided they agree to come onboard within a week's notice.