Woman looking outside airport window

Save Space In Your Carry-On With These Flight Attendant Approved Tips

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


Flight attendants are known to be elite packers, cramming what seems like an impossible haul into their trusty bags. Their secret lies in being strategic about space efficiency.
A flight attendant named CiCi suggests wearing your bulkiest items such as hefty boots and thick coats rather than packing them to save space in your bag.
Influencer Katherine Johnsen, whose mother was a flight attendant, recommends developing a capsule collection to streamline what you bring while multiplying your outfit options.
She said, "Focus on a capsule collection of clothing, with favorite basics. You need to be able to get at least three wears out of each piece you bring."
Flight attendant Jazmin Monaè suggests sticking to neutral colors, particularly black, to take the guesswork out of having to plan outfits and easily coordinate effortless looks.
TikTok user @flywithvivian, who works for a major U.S. airline, stated in a video that packing clothes made from thin, flexible materials allows you to pack a lot more.