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Score Hard-To-Get Campsite Reservations With One Clever Trick

By Mina Elwell


If your perfect campsite is all booked up, try cancellation checkers like Campnab, Arvie, or Schnerp to alert you when a spot becomes available — some will even book it for you.
According to Eric Karjaluoto, one of the founders of Campnab, thousands of campsite reservations are canceled and go unused.
The basic idea of all campsite availability checkers is the same: You get an alert for an available campsite, click the link, and book fast before someone else snags it.
As its name suggests, Arvie monitors RV campsites — approximately 5,000 across the U.S. — so if you're looking for a place that can accommodate your RV, it might be a good fit.
While Schnerp has a free tier, you can only have it check one location at a time, and it only covers Canadian campgrounds.
Campnab has the most campsites, scanning more than 7,000 campgrounds. They have pricing plans that range from $10-30/month or options to pay for a single search.