Waikiki beachfront in Hawaii

Seasoned Travelers Agree You Should Skip These Hawaii Tourist Spots

By Sanjay Surana


Inauthentic Lūʻaus
Resorts in Hawaii often offer a regular lūʻau program with a huge feast and fire dancers. However, this is often an inauthentic commercial enterprise.
The more authentic lūʻaus, as suggested by a Hawaiian resident on Tripadvisor, tend to happen away from the eyes of tourists, held privately by families, schools, or churches.
Chain Restaurants
Some travelers find it comforting to eat at a chain restaurant, but opting for that kind of food is deflating in a state with excellent independent restaurants.
You should consider avoiding even the chain restaurants unique to Hawaii. Instead, look for the many more interesting one-off places to eat.
Timeshare presentations are rarely a good idea. There’s no reason to sit in a conference room and make a decision you might regret when you could be enjoying Hawaii.
Waikiki has one of the most famous beaches in the world, but it is crowded, doesn't represent the natural beauty of Hawaii, and prices tend to be higher there.
Factory Tours
U.S. farming has long been interested in Hawaii, and many visitors take tours of popular agricultural domains. These tours pander to tourists and are money-driven.