Couple looking out resort room window

Signs A Resort's Room Photos Aren't Actually Real

By Mina Elwell


If you want a resort room with a good view, you may have to look beyond the website's photos. These pictures tend to be of the best views, not what your room's view will truly be.
Victoria Fricke, owner of Vic's Vacations Travel Agency, exclusively explains to Islands, "Unfortunately, travelers fall victim to deceptive marketing photos from resorts daily."
According to Fricke, room views are commonly described as tropical/resort view, ocean view, oceanfront, and partial ocean. These views may be different from what the names imply.
Any view from the resort can be termed a resort view, and if it's in a tropical place, it can be called a tropical view. These views could include anything from foliage to roads.
If you want to see the sea right outside your window, you need an ocean-front room. Ocean view means that you'll see some water, but it may be far away or blocked by other things.
Fricke says most people are tricked by the partial ocean view. "Partial ocean view means a wide array of views, but most common is a sliver of ocean," she explains.
In addition to knowing these terms, Fricke says to look up not just your resort, but the exact room that you're interested in online to see if anyone has uploaded room tours.