Woman wearing resort hat and using laptop

Simple Tips To Avoid Hidden 'Resort Fees' And Save Money Instead

By Amanda Finn


Resort fees (sometimes called urban fees or destination fees) are a common traveler nuisance. You can't always get away with not paying them, but there are a few tricks to try.
The easiest way to try getting a resort fee removed is to ask the front desk during check-in. It isn't a guaranteed method, but anecdotally, it is known to work from time to time.
A hotel employee on Reddit said, "If people ask us nicely to take [the resort fee] off, we will." However, employees cannot do this if you book the room with a third party.
Another way to skip over the fees is to book your hotel with reward points or to have status built up with the brand. This works at Hilton Honors, World of Hyatt, and other chains.
According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, only 6% of properties charge resort fees, so you can also research and choose a hotel that guests say has no resort fees.