the eiffel tower in Paris
Skip Paris And Visit This Charming French Cobblestone Town Instead
By Leslie Veliz


Paris is a bucket list destination, but the prices have been going up on many tourist destinations and the city may not live up to your expectations. Instead, visit Lille.
Lille is in Northern France and is only an hour away from Paris by train. It is a cultural hub with picturesque vistas, cobblestone streets, and architectural marvels.
The town has its share of attractions like the Palais des Beaux-Arts, which houses art by Monet, and only has a $10 admission compared to the $23 admission for the Louvre.
Consider a City Pass, which provides visitors with free admission to the Palais, La Piscine, Musée de l'Hospice Comtesse, and the Museum of Modern, Contemporary, and Outsider Art.
For accommodations, Lille is affordable for travelers; prices in a shared dorm can be as low as $40 and Airbnbs can be found for less than $100. Even the food is inexpensive.