Lassen Peak in California

Skip Yellowstone And Visit This Underrated California Park Instead

By Leslie Veliz


Yellowstone is one of the most visited national parks in the country, but those who want to avoid its crowds should visit Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California.
Supervisory Park Ranger Carlo Arreglo said of Lassen, "We have volcanic features and hydrothermal features that you might find in, say, Yellowstone, but without all the crowds."
Lassen Volcanic National Park is remarkably beautiful and hosts countless seasonal wildflower fields, lakes, 60 volcanoes, and hydrothermal areas created by volcanic magma.
Lassen has steam vents, boiling pools, and more. Visitors can view one of the park's many hydrothermal areas via the notoriously smelly but gorgeous Bumpass Hell Trail.
Other guests might prefer to hike Lassen Peak volcano or swim in Summit Lake. Wilderness enthusiasts can also go stargazing, biking, boating, fishing, and camping.
Lassen Volcanic National Park is open daily year-round. Admission to the park can be purchased online, and at the time of this writing, prices range from $10 to $30.
When hiking, don't stray from the trail, as you could step into a hydrothermal area and get a severe burn. Also, do not swim or touch anything in the hydrothermal areas.