Woman waking up in hotel bed

Sleep Better With This Hotel Hanger Hack That Blocks Out All The Light

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


Even the best hotels still manage to mess up one thing: curtains that refuse to close properly. Fortunately, the clothes hangers in your closet provide a solution.
The built-in clips on hangers are perfect for those who can't sleep when there's light exposure. Use the clips to pinch the curtains shut, and you instantly have total darkness.
Sadly, some hotels don't provide hangers with clips or build them into the closet. "Half the hotels don't give you the option to remove the hangers now!!" one TikToker lamented.
Because of this, you may want to pack some clips or clothespins. You can also try asking the concierge to see if they have hangers or clothespins they can lend you for the night.