Guests under umbrellas on Indian beach

Stunning Island Destinations You Never Knew About In India

By Sanjay Surana


Andaman Islands
This grouping of tropical islands promises visitors gorgeous blue seas all around, and the various islands in the chain all have their own selling points.
Barren Island is the only verified active volcano in India, while Swaraj Dweep has calm, clear seas and coral reefs. Neil Island features equally appealing swimming and sea life.
Beyt Dwarka
This island is shaped like a seahorse and has a fascinating cultural destination — it has lots of temples on an isle where Lord Krishna, a Hindu deity, once lived.
On the coast, tourists will find tranquil beaches and the opportunity to go diving. Visit in August to experience Janmashtami, an event that celebrates the birth of Krishna.
Chorao Island
Chorao Island is an oasis of nature and greenery, and it's only a few miles away from Panaji and a hotbed of restaurants, cafés, bars, nightlife, and tourists.
Chorao hosts the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, where herons, kingfishers, and other birds live among the mangroves and channels. You can also visit old churches and small villages.
Diu Island
Diu has great culture, history, and beaches. One of the foremost attractions is St. Paul Church, which was built by the Portuguese in 1610 and has a Gothic style.
Panikotha is a commanding fortress that sits out in the sea and is lit up at night. Visitors can take in a history museum, a bird sanctuary, and a pair of beaches.
Divar Island
Old villages and verdant rice paddies give this island a distant feel. At the Kadamba Dynasty ruins, a church is built on the site of a former Hindu temple.
Guests will be able to pore over silverware, paintings, and furnishings that showcase influences from Portugal and India. There's also plenty of animal life to see here.