a church in France
The Best City For French Food Is Also Cheaper Than Paris
By Dawn Hammon


Each French city has its own personality and reasons it shouldn't be missed. Paris can sometimes be too much, but a wonderful French alternative is the city of Lyon.
Lyon is perfect as a historic center, has art, and has the best food in France. The city is the food capital of France and has a type of restaurant known as bouchons.
Bouchons offer authentic Lyonnaise meals that taste like they were prepared by a loving grandmother. It's the best way to taste coq-au-vin, pâté, or Le Caviar de la Croix Rousse.
Lyon is a simple city with a distinctly local French vibe. The historic center greets visitors with Renaissance architecture, and the city also has traboules, which are corridors.
One of the most appealing attributes is that costs are low. Lodging will run less than half of those in Paris, and food, transportation, and entertainment are more affordable.