Rock archway in Malta

The Best Sun-Kissed European Islands That Are Also Budget-Friendly

By Sky Ariella


At this island in Portugal, it only costs around $1,400 for two people to stay an entire week. That price includes accommodations, transportation, food, and entertainment.
The hotels and public transport, in particular, are very cheap. The temperature is around 60 degrees F year-round, making it lovely to wander around and take in the natural beauty.
The Spanish island of Mallorca has jaw-dropping landscapes and beaches, and budget-savvy travelers can spend less than $500 a week visiting this warm-weather locale.
A traveler on Reddit claimed that visitors can rent a standard four-door vehicle for about $32 a day, and free natural attractions like trails are all around the island.
It can be hard to travel on a budget in Italy, but a trip to Sardinia gives you views just as good for much less. It usually costs less than $1,000 per week per person.
To lower the costs even further, plan to visit in the off-season months of September and October and consider booking a farm stay, which provides a unique experience at a discount.
Malta boasts average daily temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the low-80s. A week-long vacation for one person could run you around $850 with everything included.
A former resident of Malta told Reddit, "I got by quite easily on €1400 a month. I rented a very nice flat, ate well, had a gym membership and drank a lot and still saved money."
This Greek island is very budget friendly. One traveler spent less than $1,200 on everything for their trip, including flights, hotels, food, activities, and a car rental.
In Crete, the temperature sticks around 65 to 75 degrees F, and sunny skies are common. Visitors can see gorgeous places like the Balos and Falassarna Beaches.