Bride and groom at outdoor wedding ceremony

The Best Tips For A Perfect Destination Wedding

By Sanjay Surana


The guest list is a big factor in deciding where to hold your wedding. Decide where you can afford to hold a destination wedding with that many people attending.
This might also be a time to reconsider the idea of a gift registry. It's a lot to ask people to fly a long distance for you and also expect them to buy you a wedding gift.
Narrowing down the details of the ceremony is critical when choosing a wedding venue. Match the look to a suitable place where you can achieve your desired aesthetic.
Decide when you want to hold the wedding based on the weather. For instance, September and October are gorgeous in many areas, but it is hurricane season in the Caribbean.
This will matter most if you want an outdoor venue. If you want to have the wedding during an inopportune season, think about switching the ceremony to an indoor setting.
If the property you choose has no track record of holding weddings, it could end in disaster. You'll likely end up doing a lot of the legwork and organization.
Instead, find a venue with plenty of experience holding a wedding. Look for properties with a wedding tab on their homepage, and check tourism boards for lists of suitable venues.
At a destination wedding, you may wish to add ancillary events to the ceremony. For instance, Hindu weddings have aspects like the "haldi" (a purification ceremony).
Check in advance whether the venue can handle the events you want to hold. You can also offer guests suggestions or planning activities for the down periods.