Woman looking out plane window

The Best Way To Deal With A Plane Seatmate That Invades Your Space

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


While having someone take up too much space on a plane can be frustrating, you don't have to be rude when you're dealing with a seatmate who invades your personal space.
Blue Space Consulting CEO Roy Barnes advised talking to seatmates before takeoff: "Immediately say 'hello [...] and ask how they would like to take turns using your joint space."
If that doesn't work, former flight attendant Jacqueline Whitmore suggests asking nicely: "Say something like [...] 'Would you mind moving your arm (or bag) over just a touch?'"
Should your seatmate remain impervious, then you should approach a flight attendant. They may be able to offer a seat swap or at least do something to help enhance your comfort.