Flight attendant holding her head in exhaustion

The Common Passenger Request Flight Attendants Absolutely Hate

By Amanda Finn


There is one way you can annoy a flight attendant that many passengers don't realize. Flight attendants generally dislike being asked to hoist bags into the overhead bin.
Taylor Garland of the Association of Flight Attendants explains to the Washington Post that flight attendants are trained to avoid hoisting bags because of the injury risk.
Because they aren't paid during boarding, flight attendant Jamela Hardwick says, "If we put that bag in the bin and we get hurt, we do not get to write it off as an on-job injury."
Asking them to assist you with your bag is less likely to cause frustration for a flight attendant. Work together to put a bag in the overhead bin.
Fellow passengers are also likely to spring into action if they see you struggling with your bag. After all, any slight delay can push back takeoff.