Woman using cotton pad on forehead

The Cotton Pad Hack That Makes Traveling With Beauty Products Easier

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


The TSA's 3-1-1 liquid rule is a nightmare for everyone who carries a large arsenal of beauty items during their travels. Luckily, you can skirt around this rule with cotton pads.
The idea behind this hack is to drench the cotton pads with your liquid products, essentially turning them into makeup wipes, which the TSA allows.
Pop a couple of cotton pads into a container, pour your beauty product of choice over them until they fully absorb the liquid, and then seal the container for later use.
Use thick cotton pads to soak up as much product as possible and minimize the risk of disintegration. When choosing a container, opt for an airtight and leak-proof option.
You can do this trick with makeup removers, toners, micellar water, facial cleansers, beauty mists, and just about any skincare liquid. Just remember to label each container.