Rick Steves in European market

The Early Morning Tip Rick Steves Swears By For Stunning Europe Views

By Jenna Busch


Travel expert Rick Steves says on his website that you can experience the best of Europe by getting up early and wandering out into the coolness of the morning.
In smaller villages, you can see life start early in the morning. Animals are more likely to show themselves at dawn, and you can take in the area's natural beauty without crowds.
Steves explains, "The easiest way to enjoy the mainstream sights without the commotion, selfie-sticks, and intensity of modern commerce is in the fringiest of hours — very early."
In the morning, you can get some time at places that will be packed once everyone is awake. For example, Rome's Trevi Fountain and the Eiffel Tower are mostly clear at dawn.
Visitors to Prague can go for a morning run in Letná Park. Travelers in Greece can watch the sunrise over the Acropolis, and those in Venice can take a nice ride in a vaporetto.