Flight attendant looking at man

The Gross Reason Why You Shouldn't Order Ice In Your Drink On A Plane

By Christine Estima


Airplane refreshments can be nice, but cabin crew and researchers agree that perhaps you should eschew the offer of ice in your drink when that beverage cart rolls up to your row.
Redbook Magazine spoke with a flight attendant identifying as Max, who told the outlet, "Everytime I would pour ice, the bin had a wet, mildew smell."
According to a 2015 study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, "aircraft water supply tanks are conducive for microbial growth."
The study also says that the water tanks on the plane are rarely sanitized or even emptied, which means even the coffee and tea are made with potentially bacteria-laden water.
Fortunately, the bacteria levels are tolerable. Certus manager Katie Heil told Reader's Digest that healthy adults "have strong enough immune systems to ingest them."
However, airplane ice is still likely to cause an upset stomach, which is no fun in the air. If you need ice on your flight, consider bringing frozen water yourself.