Buildings above Condado Beach

The Hidden Danger That Swimmers Face At This Popular Caribbean Beach

By Leslie Veliz


The beautiful Condado Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico has cerulean waters and bright skies, but the waters have a hidden danger for swimmers: rip currents.
Rip currents move at high speeds, pulling swimmers away from the shore and into the sea. This can lead to death by drowning, which has tragically happened at Condado Beach.
If you get swept up in a rip current, never try to swim directly toward the shore; always do it at an angle. Also try not to panic, as this could increase your chances of drowning.
While swimming near a lifeguard is always advised, Condado Beach has none. There have been pleas to change this, but Puerto Rican officials have expressed some dissent.
While Condado Beach is fine for sunbathing, there are other spots minutes away that are less dangerous for swimming, such as Laguna del Condado and Playita del Condado.