Woman posing in front of Bali mountain

The Iconic Bali Destination That Most Travelers Call A Tourist Trap

By Kristin Conard


Bali is a gorgeous vacation destination, but one of its most popular temple destinations has become a tourist trap for many: The Gates of Heaven at Lempuyang Temple.
The split-carved stone gates are beautiful, but a TripAdvisor reviewer said of the attraction, "Was utterly disappointed. It took nearly four hours just to take fake photos."
Many photos of the Gates of Heaven make it look as though there's a reflecting pool at the base, but this is actually a local person holding a mirror to create an illusion.
Travelers lamented that people were coming just to wait in line and get a picture for social media at one of Bali's sacred temples, a very important cultural and religious place.
If you still want to visit, consider visiting other parts of Lempuyang Temple. The complex is made up of seven different temples, and the higher you go, the more sacred they are.