Man being scanned by TSA agent

The Involuntary Reflex That May Get You Flagged By TSA

By Kristin Conard


Next time you're in an airport late at night or early in the morning, you may want to watch how much you yawn — excessive yawning can be a flag for TSA agents.
In 2015, The Intercept found a checklist for what the TSA considers suspicious behavior, which included "exaggerated yawning," "strong body odor," and a "cold penetrating stare."
The reason yawning gets flagged is that people with criminal intent in an airport would likely be somewhat anxious, and yawning more than usual is an involuntary stress reflex.
Luckily, yawning is worth just one point on the TSA's checklist, and you get additional screening at four points. It will only raise concerns alongside other strange behavior.