Mosquito silhouette biting skin

The Itchy Reason You Should Avoid Visiting Los Angeles In Summer

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


Two pest control companies (Terminix and Orkin) have declared Los Angeles the reigning champ of mosquitoes. While you might think this is just a minor inconvenience, think again.
According to the CDC, mosquitoes are dangerous pests that can carry diseases like dengue, malaria, and West Nile virus. Since 2021, they have become a recurring problem in LA.
Los Angeles isn't exactly a stranger to mosquitoes, but the city faces a new menace: Aedes aegypti, aka the "yellow fever mosquito." They are incredibly tough to eradicate.
A study published in Emerging Infectious Diseases found that these pests hitched a ride from Asia in 2001 via a large shipment of bamboo and have multiplied over the years.
Scientists note that due to climate change, these pests are thriving even more, reveling in Los Angeles' increasing humidity. There is a plan to fight them, but it will take time.
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recommends wearing pants and long-sleeves. Use insect repellent with ingredients like DEET, picaridin, or lemon eucalyptus oil.