Long Beach, Washington coastline

The Longest Beach In America Is In This Unexpected Western State

By Dawn Hammon


At nearly 28 miles, Long Beach, Washington boasts the title of "The Longest Beach in the USA." The drivability, wildlife viewing, and seafood are just a few of its hidden gems.
Long Beach has a local vibe since it's 2 hours from the thoroughfare of I-5. Visitors can explore miles of sandy beaches along with water activities and tastes of the northwest.
While you won't find fluffy white sand or palm trees on Long Beach, you will find fishing, crabbing, seashell-hunting opportunities, and a week-long kite festival every August.
You can ride horses and drive on parts of the beach, so it's easy to set up camp. You can also take a surfing lesson, grab a body board, or dig for razor clams with a permit.
There are several small towns along the peninsula, each with their own charms. You can visit working cranberry bogs, the World Kite Museum, and Fort Columbia Historic State Park.