Woman loading luggage onto conveyer belt

The Luggage Safety Hack That May Be Too Good To Be True

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


There is a misconception that affixing a fragile label on a checked bag means it will get special treatment, as shown by TikTok user @royceandrocket's viral video.
Unfortunately, with the number of bags airport staff and baggage handlers deal with, fragile stickers are rarely taken into consideration and may as well be invisible.
In an anonymous interview, an airline baggage handler admitted to Fox News that they don't "handle" — they "throw." In other words, they tend to focus more on speed than delicacy.
The handler continued, "Those fragile stickers don't get noticed very often in the rush of loading bags unless it is an obvious shape, such as a musical instrument."
It may not matter even if staff see fragile stickers. Another baggage handler said that if the tag "looks old or is from a different airline, then it's as good as expired."
If you want your checked luggage to return to you unscathed, opt for a hard case, wrap items in bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts, and buy baggage insurance.