Rick Steves with a backpack in Europe

The Luggage Tips Rick Steves Swears By For International Travel

By Jen Mallia


Rick Steves only brings one carry-on bag and a daypack, no matter how long his trip is. That way, he doesn't have to wait for the luggage carousel or risk it being lost.
For carry-on luggage, Steves states that you should look for a bag that is no bigger than 14" x 21" x 9" and weighs no more than seven pounds.
Steves suggests bringing a backpack rather than wheeled luggage for train travel or in case there are many stairs at your destination. Backpacks also leave your hands free.
Hard Vs. Soft
Consider if you want a hard-sided suitcase or something soft. Steves prefers a soft-shell case for the price point and their lighter weight.
You should go for the best quality suitcase you can, but as Steves says, "If your bag costs more than $250, you're probably paying more for a brand name than quality."
Rick advises looking for sturdy stitching, ample pockets, and good handles and zippers. If you are going the backpack route, make sure the straps have good padding.