a woman standing on a rock between 2 cliffs
The Most Dangerous Walk In The World Is In This European Country
By Mina Elwell


The Caminito del Rey in Spain was once considered the most dangerous walk in the world, as the route is a wooden boardwalk attached to the cliffside that descends into a gorge.
The views on this walk are so beautiful that daredevils continue to visit, even as portions of the walkway crumble away. Not all the tourists who have visited have walked away.
Between 1999 and 2000, five people died. The walkway was closed for renovations and has since been restored, drawing daring travelers.
After the local government renovated the walkway, it became a wooden boardwalk with railings and mandatory helmets. The route also closes when the weather is bad.
Recent visitors say the walk is still terrifying but much safer. Anyone over the age of 8 can pay $11 for a ticket to what was once the most dangerous walk in the world.