Person putting passport in cover

The Pros And Cons Of Using A Passport Cover While Traveling

By Jenna Busch


Some travelers use passport covers to avoid issues like coffee spills or torn pages while their passport is in their carry-on bag. However, this comes with both pros and cons.
Using a cover that can hold other items may help you remember to pack your passport. For instance, some covers have windows for your vaccine card or slots to use as a wallet.
Covers can even include RFID protection, as many passports contain RFID chips. A cover with a water-resistant lining or outside can protect it from rain or spilled drinks.
A cover can keep your passport from tearing when you rummage through your bag. If you pick one in a bright color, it also makes your passport easier to find in your carry-on.
A con is that you can't keep your passport in its case when you go through passport control, meaning that you need your hands to take it out. This is annoying if you travel a lot.
A cover that says "passport" on it might catch the attention of thieves, so choose a bigger cover that looks like it could fit an e-reader or one that can hold your Kindle and passport.