Empty plane seats

The Safest Seats On An Airplane Are Also The Most Unwanted

By Mina Elwell


Being in the middle seat of the last few rows on an airplane may not be ideal, but you can at least reassure yourself that you might just have the safest seat on the entire plane.
While the data only comes from 17 crashes, a 2015 investigation from Time found that passengers in middle seats near the back of the airplane had the best chance of survival.
When crashes happen, the front of the aircraft usually hits first, which makes those fancy seats at the front the last place you want to be in the unlikely event of an emergency.
According to investigations, passengers in middle seats fared better in crashes with both fatalities and survivors, as you get the shield of having a person on either side.
The ultimate seat choice might be the middle seat in the exit row closest to the back of the plane, as you can evacuate more quickly and get all the other safety benefits.