Woman walking through streets with a rolling suitcase

The Safest Way To Book An Airbnb If You're Traveling Solo

By Jenna Busch


While traveling alone is a gratifying experience, solo voyagers need to be cautious. When booking an Airbnb, list two travelers instead of letting your host know you're alone.
When looking for an Airbnb, Vrbo, or other rental while traveling alone, check the reviews first and look at the area it's in. If anything seems dicey, keep looking.
Find a place that has a lockbox instead of meeting the host in person. If you can manage it, try to arrive during daylight so you're not fiddling with things in the dark.
Once inside, inspect the area and look in closets, rooms, and under beds. Add a doorstop wedge in all the doors for an extra level of security, and leave a light on in a few rooms.
Tell your friends where you're staying, but don't give that information to strangers. Pre-program any emergency numbers into your phone so you can call quickly if necessary.