Eiffel tower in Paris

The Signature Parisian Dessert That Has Turned Into A Tourist Trap

By Kristin Conard


Paris is well known for its baked goods, and the macaron is one of its most famous treats. One bakery chain has become synonymous with Paris and macarons — Ladurée.
Ladurée is the epitome of a Parisian tourist trap: customers must wait in a long line to pay some of the highest prices in the city for macarons that aren't even made in-house.
While Ladurée is well-known for the delicate, round sandwich cookies, locals would rather visit non-chain bakeries that serve macarons that are just as tasty and half the price.
For some, it is still worth going at least once, as Pierre Desfontaines, a descendent of the luxury bakery's founder, is often credited as the creator of the modern macaron.
The best macaron is the one you like the best, so try them from different spots and find what you enjoy without worrying too much about the store they come from.