Rick Steves holding jacket over shoulder

The Stunning Beach Hideaway Rick Steves Swears By In Italy

By Kristin Conard


Travel expert Rick Steves loves visiting Italy, and he recommends Lake Como as a preferred beach hideaway, specifically Varenna, a small village on the eastern shore.
On his website, Steves says, "Lake Como, lined with elegant 19th-century villas, crowned by snow-capped mountains, and buzzing with ferries, is our favorite."
Steves has made Varenna his go-to Lake Como destination for a couple of reasons. It is easily reached from Milan, and it's an easy-going place for a relaxing or romantic getaway.
Rick Steves tells Varenna visitors not to rush around trying to make sure you visit every museum and monument; instead, sip a drink and remain present in the moment.
If you want to get out onto the lake, beaches in Varenna let you rent a kayak or take a boat tour. For swimming and sunbathing, Lido di Varenna in Perledo has chairs and umbrellas.
The high season at Lake Como and Varenna falls in the summer, so Steves thinks the best time to visit Italy is in the shoulder seasons before and after the summer crowds.