Woman packing clothes into suitcase

The Unexpected Article Of Clothing You Should Bring On Your Hot Vacation

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


If you're heading somewhere with unpredictable weather, especially a hot destination, travel guru Samantha Brown says that you should never leave behind a sweater or jacket.
Brown points out that you're not going to be outdoors 24/7. There might be chilly indoor spots in your itinerary, and having some outerwear can be a lifesaver.
"Warm places like Florida can be miserably hot, but anything with four walls and a roof is air conditioned so aggressively that [...] I shiver through a meal," she writes.
Also, it's no secret that flights can also get unexpectedly chilly, and a jacket can be handy if your airline doesn't provide blankets to keep you warm 30,000 feet up in the air.
If you're not the chilly type, a scarf might suffice since you can drape it around your body however you want. Brown is a huge fan, dubbing it the "Swiss army knife of travel."