Person putting suitcase on hostel bed

The Unexpected Item You Should Pack When Staying At European Hostels

By Jenna Busch


Travel pro Rick Steves often suggests saving money on a trip to Europe by staying at a hostel, and when staying at one, he recommends bringing a bedsheet.
Steves says that while you can rent linens, "You might want to bring your own sheet [...] which can double as a beach/picnic blanket and cover you up on overnight train rides."
Hostel beds are often twin XL, but your top sheet doesn't have to fit the bed, just your body. You can even bring a thin comforter if you have the room.
Another idea is a sleeping bag liner, which is like a light sleeping bag to throw on the bed. Steves also suggests bringing a towel, as not all hostels have them for rent.
In addition, Steves says it's a good idea to have flip-flops for the shower, earplugs or headphones, a sleep mask, and a lock for your personal items like backpacks.