Woman looking at cruise ship

The Video Gadget You Should Avoid Bringing On A Cruise

By Mina Elwell


While packing for a cruise, don't bother making space for your drone. Basically all major cruise lines have banned drones, mainly for passenger safety.
The risk of a passenger getting hit by a speeding drone isn't worth it from the point of view of the cruise lines. Some let you use drones when at a port, but others do not.
Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Princess Cruises have completely banned drones, so you can't bring them on board at all.
Other companies, like Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, allow you to use drones on land, though you aren't supposed to use them at port for fear of crashing into the ship.
If you show up with an unauthorized drone, the cruise line will likely still permit you to board, but the staff may confiscate it and lock it up for the duration of the cruise.