Woman upset in airport

These European Airports Are Some Of The World's Most Stressful

By Kylie McCreary


Charles de Gaulle
This Paris airport sees over 57 million passengers annually, leading to crowds and long lines. The hub also has confusing signage and is far from the city center.
Heathrow Airport in England has a high passenger volume that causes crowded spaces and long lines, staffing shortages, a complex layout, and frequent canceled flights.
London Gatwick
London Gatwick Airport has persistent flight delays and lacks amenities. Because of this, it's commonly considered the worst airport in all of Europe.
This French airport has only 2.7 stars out of 5 on Google Reviews due to its organizational issues, lack of amenities, and unfriendly or even rude staff behavior.
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was once considered a stress-free airport, but recent staff shortages and an increase in passengers have led to long lines and disruptions.