Large cruise ship with slides

Think Twice Before Bringing This Helpful Baby Tool On A Cruise Ship

By Amanda Finn


It may surprise you to learn that baby monitors are often banned from cruises, although the rules vary between companies. Even if they are allowed, they often don't work correctly.
Just like with your cell phone, the signals coming from the monitors may not have enough strength to reach you — especially if you wander the decks far from your cabin.
Besides not working well, baby monitors can disrupt the ship's navigation or radio systems, which is why they are banned. They have also caused issues on airplanes.
Disney Cruise Lines stands out as the major exception to the rule. It permits these items, but the ship's Chief Electrician must examine any baby monitors you bring on board.
Since most cruise lines don't allow baby monitors, Redditors suggest using two cell phones to communicate with each other or downloading a security camera app on your phone.