Restaurant in La Rambla

Think Twice Before Eating At This Popular Barcelona Street

By Jen Mallia


La Rambla in Barcelona is part Piccadilly Circus, part Champs d'Elysee, and part Bourbon Street. What it's not, unless you don't mind blowing the budget, is a great place to eat.
The price is the number one reason to avoid eating on the busy street. For example, a glass of Coke (normally about €2.50) can be priced at €10 on the busy tourist stroll.
On a r/Barcelona thread, one Redditor advises, "Any restaurant in the main street of Las Ramblas is not worth it and you will pay 15 euro for a bad sangria."
The other complaint against La Rambla eateries is that they just aren't that good. Tourists will come regardless of price, and the location is the big draw rather than the cuisine.
If you do choose to have a meal on La Rambla, try visiting the Cafe l'Opera for its ambiance, Ultramarinos for quality food at fair prices, or a vendor on La Boquería.