Boarding pass pulled up on laptop

Think Twice Before Throwing Your Old Boarding Passes Away

By Amanda Finn


Many travelers who still use physical boarding passes toss them in the nearest trash can when the journey is over. However, you shouldn't do this, because it's not safe.
It's a good idea to hold on to your boarding passes for at least a few weeks post-travel in case something goes wrong, like missing miles from your frequent flier account.
Boarding passes also contain enough personal information to be useful to criminals — especially if they utilize a QR or barcode reader, as it can be used as a temporary password.
It's also good not to post photos of a boarding pass online. Anyone can scan it and access your travel info, a few digits of your card number, or your frequent flier account.
Rather than tossing your boarding pass in the nearest garbage can after landing, hold on to it until you can shred, mark up, or otherwise make the document unreadable.