Dingo on sandy beach

Think Twice Before Vacationing On This Gorgeous Australian Island

By Katie Downey


Fraser Island is a perfectly picturesque Australian beach. However, unsuspecting tourists have often experienced injuries and even fatalities caused by the diverse wildlife.
The island is just shy of 455,000 acres and is home to 47 types of mammals, such as dingoes, swamp wallabies, short-beaked echidnas, and many species of whales and dolphins.
The dingoes on Fraser Island are sometimes illegally fed, so they have aggressively harassed visitors who have food. Keep all food stored away and secured while on the island.
As if dingoes aren't enough, the island's waters contain white and bull sharks, along with Irukandji and Blue Bottle jellyfish combined with deadly currents.
Though they are on the smaller side, the Fraser funnel-web spider is an aggressive-defensive type of arachnid. Their venom is extremely dangerous to humans.
Fraser Island offers a truly unique vacation experience, but visitors need to educate themselves first about the potential dangers of the land and sea and proceed very carefully.