Road heading towards Arizona landmarks

This Arizona Park Is A Utopia For Both Nature And History Enthusiasts

By Leslie Veliz


Three hours away from the Grand Canyon is the Petrified Forest National Park, the least visited national park in the state that is a utopia for both nature and history enthusiasts.
Petrified Forest National Park is known for its petrified wood, but it also has colorful hills, mesas, dinosaur fossils, remnants of Route 66, and more.
The park has many hiking trails, such as the 1-mile-long Blue Mesa Trail and the Puerco Pueblo Trail, which leads to the remains of the indigenous Puebloan people's homes.
Visitors should be sure to stop at the Painted Desert Inn National Historic Landmark (a 1920s-era building), which has monthly cultural demonstrations hosted by locals.
The Rainbow Forest Museum has several animal skeletons on display. Camping is allowed at the park, but you will need a free backpacking wilderness permit.
If you're overwhelmed with all there is to do at the park, guided tours are available from the Petrified Forest Field Institute and generally focus on history and hiking.