Charlotteville in Tobago

This Island's Rich Culture Will Keep You Coming Back For More

By Hilary I. Lebow


Off the coast of Venezuela, the dual-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is famous for its music scene, mouth-watering cuisine, and huge annual Carnival festival.
With gastronomic influences from India, Africa, China, France, Syria, and Spain, the cuisine features dishes like curried crab, tania fritters, boiled dumplings, and chocolate tea.
Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago was started after African slaves were brought into the country. Since they were barred from high society, they made their own events like Carnival.
Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival kicks off with a 3:00 a.m. party. At the main event, there's another lively parade featuring an army of elaborate costumes and a 3,000-person band.
The Tobago Heritage Festival is also worth noting. For two weeks during summer, residents showcase what makes each village special, including singing, dancing, and folk plays.
Respect for nature is baked right into Trinidad and Tobago's culture. The island has gorgeous beaches and is rich in biodiversity, serving as home for hundreds of animal species.