Hotels in Laughlin, Nevada

This Las Vegas Alternative Is A Calm Oasis From The Crowds

By Hillary Louise Johnson


With private beaches, a fun water taxi, the historic Route 66, and hotel rooms that cost less than a cocktail at some lounges in Las Vegas, Laughlin, Nevada, has a lot going for it.
In Laughin, guests can take outdoorsy adventures before sitting down for a hand of Texas Hold 'Em. It is popular with RVers because the casinos have roomy parking lots for them.
Laughlin's casinos face the blue Colorado River, and a water taxi connects them. It doesn’t have Vegas' fine dining and parties, but the outdoor amenities more than make up for it.
The New Pioneer casino hotel has rooms as low as $25 per night, a pool, a private beach, a restaurant, and River Rick, a kitschy-cool neon cowboy who towers over the building.
You can take many day trips from Laughlin, such as a trip to the burro-filled desert town of Oatman or to the petroglyphs of Grapevine Canyon, which is only 15 minutes away.