a smiling woman hiking in the forest
This Little-Known California Trail Has Stunning Coastal Views
By Mina Elwell


California has completely transformed, but the Lost Coast in northern California gives you a rare look into the wilderness. The stretch of land can only be explored through hiking.
The region stays wild because the rain lashes against the cliffs and fog rolls over the ocean waves. The Lost Coast Trail takes almost 9 hours, and people stop and camp.
Along the trail, you’ll see cliffside wildflowers, tall redwoods, and waves crashing against black sand beaches. You can see aquatic life in the sea and wild animals in the woods.
There are more animals than humans on this trail since only 60 people can secure a permit for the trail on a given day in peak season, while only 30 can in the off-season.
You need to plan this hike a year in advance to get a permit and it’s best to go between April and September. The terrain can be difficult, so it’s important to prepare properly.