Coral reef in Florida

This National Park Is Home To Some Of The Best Snorkeling In Florida

By Leslie Veliz


Biscayne Bay National Park in Homestead, Florida has burgeoning and colorful coral reefs. Its breathtaking underwater scenery and shallow waters make it great for snorkeling.
Guests can take a guided excursion with the Biscayne National Park Institute to explore the iridescent reefs and interact with the flourishing wildlife surrounding the park.
Biscayne Bay also has more than 40 shipwrecks that contribute to the coral reefs. The Maritime Heritage Trail allows visitors to traverse the remnants of six of these shipwrecks.
The shipwrecks of Arratoon Apcar and Mandalay are especially ideal for snorkelers, and visitors can see them on the Snorkel Experience from the Biscayne National Park Institute.
There are no fees to visit Biscayne Bay National Park, but there is a $25 docking fee if you bring a boat. Likewise, camping is an additional $35 a night.