Road in Maui

This Scenic Hawaii Road Is One Of The World's Most Dangerous

By Leslie Veliz


Kahekili Highway in Hawaii is often considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world. In fact, some car rental agencies prohibit their vehicles from traversing this road.
Though Kahekili Highway only spans 20 miles, it is incredibly narrow and features cliffside twists and sharp turns. It also lacks safety rails and only has one lane in some areas.
Tragically, several have lost their lives on Kahekili Highway. Though the road has been repaved and repaired in recent years, accidents have continued to plague the highway.
Despite its treachery, motorists continue to navigate Kahekili Highway and visit attractions like Julia's Best Banana Bread, the Olivine Pools, and the Nakalele Blowhole.
Tripadvisor reviewers advise against reckless driving mistakes. One wrote, "If you go slow, and drive during the daylight hours, you'll be fine. Let the locals pass when you can."