The Hollywood sign at sunset
This Underrated Hike Has Unparalleled View Of The Iconic Hollywood Sign
By Hillary Louise Johnson


The iconic Hollywood sign is the symbol of Tinsel Town. While getting close to it for a photo opportunity is hard, there is an easy way to an incredible view of the landmark.
A 3.2-mile trail around Lake Hollywood is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills and offers a spectacular view of the sign.
Few tourists know about it. Instead, the walkers and joggers you might see on the path are those who work in the film industry, such as screenwriters and producers.
The area is also teeming with wildlife like ducks, hawks, and squirrels. The trailhead is located on Weidlake Drive, less than two miles from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Once you've finished at Lake Hollywood, it's a short drive to Lake Hollywood Park for more views. Here, you can take a selfie of the sign appearing in your palm.