Homes in Door County, Wisconsin

This Underrated Midwest Destination Has Coastal Charm And Great Food

By Amanda Finn


Door County on the eastern side of Wisconsin juts out into Lake Michigan. Its 300 miles of shoreline have a storied history of shipwrecks that gave it its name: Death's Door.
Coastal homes here have an East Coast flair, but the cheese and wine reminds you that you're still deeply rooted in the Midwest. Door County also grows 10% of the U.S.'s cherries.
The peninsula is 70 miles long and features 11 incorporated towns with tons of boutiques, bed and breakfasts, art galleries, and eateries, all surrounded by Wisconsin beauty.
The largest city in the county, Sturgeon Bay, is home to Potawatomi State Park and Cave Point County Park as well as the Door County Historical Museum and Maritime Museum.
Other towns that make the county so special include Ephraim, which is the most reminiscent of New England, and Egg Harbor, named one of the coolest towns in the whole country.
Fish boils are iconic to Door County, and crowds gather around the massive fire sending steam into the sky. The area also has fine dining and casual spots with comfort food.